big bang theory cast education

THE BIG BANG THEORY may follow some of the world’s smartest budding scientists in the form of Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon, but what are the real-life educations of the actors?

big bang theory cast education

Big bang theory cast education
He received his BA from the University of Houston before landing his MFA at the University of San Diego.
Speaking to Time Out Chicago back in 2009, Galecki said: “Once long division came up in the third grade, I’d go to the bathroom for 45 minutes,

Big bang theory cast education

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Nayyar landed his breakthrough role on “The Big Bang Theory” just a year after graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia. Since then, he’s lent his voice to animated series like “Sanjay and Craig” and Dr. Pakij in “Fantasy Hospital.” On the stage, Nayyar starred opposite Jesse Eisenberg in the play “The Spoils,” which transferred from off-Broadway to London’s West End in 2016. The actor also published a book about his career in 2015, titled “Yes, My Accent Is Real.” “When I travel all over the world and people come up to me and say how much [“The Big Bang Theory”] changed their lives — that’s amazing,” Nayyar says. “We get kids who come here and we make them laugh until their dying days and that’s enough credit. You show up, and you do your job, and you go home. I’m very lucky and I’ve had a very, very good life because of it.”
Bialik is the ultimate multitasker. After starring in the popular ’90s sitcom “Blossom,” she graduated from UCLA and went on to get her PhD in neuroscience, which she completed in 2007, the same year “The Big Bang Theory” premiered. During her stint on “Big Bang,” Bialik has also written four books on subjects such as attachment parenting and vegan cooking. Her next, “Boying Up: How to Be Brave, Bold, and Brilliant,” will be released this month. And she founded the lifestyle website “I don’t have any place I’d rather be — than working on ‘The Big Bang Theory,’” Bialik says. “For me, it is the dream of an actor’s lifetime, to be in this kind of situation. I write. I have my fourth book coming out in May. And I will continue to write. I have a website. I’m very dedicated to GrokNation, and I make videos for YouTube and I do charity work. I do a lot of other things.Mostly, I raise my kids. My life is about doing what I need to do to be the best mom I can be, no matter what my work is.”

Staten Island has brought the world many treasures — the Wu-Tang Clan, the Staten Island Ferry bar, Pete Davidson, and at least a quarter of the Jersey Shore cast. It also brought us Kevin Sussman, who embodies The Big Bang Theory’s loveable (and vaguely depressed) comic shop owner Stuart Bloom.
Bialik’s path to education was unconventional. In 2017, she told National Geographic that she was inspired by her junior high physics teacher, but left regular school in favor of on-set tutoring from ages 14 to 19 because she was starring on the hit sitcom Blossom. Even then, the actress knew she wanted to go to college.

Big bang theory cast education
While you may have already guessed it due to her passion for animals and involvement with animal rights charities, Kaley Cuoco doesn’t eat meat.
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