3 Chocolate Myths Food Companies Made Us BelieveTo

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s the ultimate sweet we all enjoy consuming and most of us crave for almost every day. There’s no debate that chocolate is such a loved desert all over the globe and that you’ll rarely run into someone who’s not a chocolate-enthusiast.

In addition to its irreplaceable taste and the pure joy you get out of eating it, what contributes the general adoration of chocolate is some of the myths we’ve been served by the chocolate companies. In other words, not everything you’ve heard about chocolate is completely true.

So, let’s take a look at the three chocolate myths we’ve all believed at some point, but are not exactly the truth.

1.     Chocolate Boosts My Energy

The number one myth we’re about to break together is the myth linking chocolate to increased levels of energy.

When we’re hungry, tired, sleepy, or exhausted, we often get advised to “eat some chocolate”. This is due to popular belief that chocolate can shake us up, and awaken us.

Although chocolate does contain small amounts of caffeine, the amount is rather insignificant.

However, consuming anything containing sugar, including chocolate, can make us feel uplifted and energized, but only for a short period.

It’s like a hit of high followed by a hit of low.

Therefore, instead of eating chocolate when you’re hungry or tired, it’s better to consume whole foods, which will provide proper nutrition for your body.

This myth was imposed on us by the chocolate companies to turn chocolate into our food of choice when it comes to boosting our energy.

2.     Dark Chocolate is Healthy

Wow, it’s so great to hear that something you enjoy eating so much is actually good for you!

Dark chocolate is just one version of chocolate, and it’s still our favorite treat. But, is it actually true that dark chocolate improves your health? Not really.

Let’s start from scratch: most studies dealing with the health benefits of chocolate and cocoa are actually funded by major chocolate companies. And therefore, most studies speak in favor of chocolate.

You’ve probably heard some of the following myths:

  • chocolate lowers your blood pressure
  • chocolate is good for your heart
  • chocolate reduces inflammation

Although there is some truth to these statements, we need to make it clear that it relates to the actual dark chocolate, with 70 percent or more of cocoa solids content.

In addition, even if you only consume the real deal dark chocolate, you still can’t eat all you want. You need to be moderate and careful, or else you might consume too much sugar.

3.     Chocolate is a Great Aphrodisiac

Chocolate is said to be able to do so many things for your body, and increasing your libido is one of those things.

It’s almost like chocolate is a miracle food.

However, numerous studies show that consuming chocolate has nothing to do with, nor can it affect your libido.

Therefore, this myth is definitely a false statement, imposed by chocolate companies, to make you love chocolate even more (if that’s’ even possible).


We all love eating chocolate, there’s no question about it. And we love believing that chocolate is great for our health and should be made a regular part of our diet. However, we mustn’t believe everything we hear or read, especially if it’s from unreliable sources.

Chocolate needs to be consumed in small amounts, and you should always choose the darker, less milky version of it to ensure you’re taking care of your health.