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10 Best Event Management Software & Planning Tools Compared

Life is a series of events. Not all events must be huge in-person events in crowded exhibition halls. These days more events are going online. Otherwise almost all events are hybrid to a degree. Hybrid events combine live and virtual elements.

This article compares 10 good event planning software solutions. We look at which software is best for different event sizes, kinds and industries. Some are great for large live events. Others are better for small online events.

The starting prices for these platforms are listed when available. Most event management software has custom prices. Prices are based on the size, scale, and duration of the event. Event organizers can get a quote by contacting the vendors through their websites.

Event Management

Event Management is the leading peer-reviewed international journal for the study and analysis of events and festivals, meeting the research and educational needs of this rapidly growing industry for more than 20 years.

  • Publish high-quality interdisciplinary event studies work and therefore promote a broad spectrum of theoretical perspectives from management and organizational studies to sociology and social science.
  • Encourage the study of all kinds of physical, digital, and hybrid events from small- to large-scale cultural and sporting events, festivals, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, to expositions, across a range of geographical and cultural contexts.
  • Actively support authors to take a critical perspective concerning the power and potential of events as a force for social, economic, and environmental good, while challenging where events can do better and make a positive contribution to society.
  • Promote bold, interesting, relevant research problems and questions. Examples include why events play a key role for individual and collective transformational experiences; how social movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #Metoo can be advanced by attaching to events like the Academy Awards; through to the way large-scale events are leveraged for urban regeneration and community development.
  • Believe research insights are integral to high-quality learning and teaching and we encourage all authors to transform manuscript into a set of Event Management branded PowerPoint slides for colleagues to integrate into research informed and hybrid teaching approaches. Where provided by authors, slides will feature alongside each published manuscript for ease. All subscribing organizations and authors will have access to this library of learning and teaching content.

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Event management

I have worked with Maike for over 10 years now. She is an expert in large event management. She has a deep knowledge of what it takes to run a successful complex training event end to end, from site selection, through contract negotiation, project management and successful execution and problem solving. She has extensive experience all over Europe in this capacity. Maike has a unique talent for building very strong client relationships and leads with a client first approach. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

I had the pleasure of working with Sinead on a recent very large event, 1,700 sellers from across Europe and the Middle East came together for a sales and technical sales event in Madrid. Sinead was my project manager for this event and was superb. She stepped into this new role, learned the team, created and ran the project plans. Sinead was thorough and patient through the changes and kept us all aligned and on track.

I have known Maike Grimpe for 11 years and I have had the privilege of attending events she has managed. Maike´s skill set makes her the ultimate Event Manager. Using her excellent relationship building skills she has created a global and ever increasing network of professional and personal connections. Her authenticity, professionalism and positive energy are a driving force in executing any event and exceeding expectations. She is action oriented and has a great ability to bring her client´s vision to reality. I highly recomment Maike Grimpe for any event large or small.

I´ve worked with Sinead for the last 2 years and I can truly recommend her as she is a very solid professional, proactive and always with very good ideas, knowledgeable, good communicator and positive. She has very good common sense and is able to work in complex and difficult environments. And additionally to her professional qualification, it´s also very nice form a personal perspective to work with her.


Event management

A successful event is a memorable event. And for an event to be memorable, it needs to be unique. That’s the next thing we look for when assessing an agency’s projects. How unique are they? How does that uniqueness align with the client’s brand and goals?


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Make your business unaffected by the global challenges and geographical boundaries. Promote your products and/or services worldwide conveniently with our professional assistance in organising virtual events.

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Luxury Wedding Planners

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Wedding Organizers

Celebrity Management

Celebrity Management

Reality Show Performers

Reality Show Performers

How to Choose the Top Event Management Company for You

Knowing the best event managers in the industry doesn’t mean you’ll magically find the perfect fit. To help you with your choice, we have outlined four actionable tips to guide you through the shortlisting process, helping you ultimately find the right agency for your needs.

Establish Your Goals

Prior to searching for the best event management firm, you should establish your goals and objectives. Think about the purpose of your event — why you organize it in the first place, your goals, the main things you want your attendees to remember, and so on.

Once you define these, you will get a clearer idea about the theme and message of your event. When establishing your goals, consider how they fit in your overall marketing strategy and the mission statement of your brand. Bonus tip: make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based).

Services You Need

Event management blends many parts that function together. Make sure to weed out the event management companies that can’t address your needs. Do you want to source speakers yourself or do you need a company to take care of this? Will you organize the catering or do you plan on enlisting the agency’s help on that? These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself if you want to further narrow down the choice of the best event management companies for you.

Define a Budget

Next, you need to set up a realistic budget. With the top events companies, there usually isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. This means that the final price will be determined based on what you need from the agency. Do you want them to find a venue, take care of the catering, and provide you with an end-to-end marketing service? You’ll have to pay a fee for all of these.

Meet In Person

Following this short guide should leave you with up to three event management companies. To make the final choice, consider meeting each supplier face to face to assess whether the agency is a good cultural fit.

Getting ahead of the competition is essential, and we are here to deliver the best service providers that can get you to where you want to go. To connect businesses with experienced professionals and introduce them to proven software solutions, we perform an extensive analysis and review based on custom-tailored evaluation methodologies uniquely devised for each service or software type.

The benefits of SIEM

Regardless of how large or small your organization may be, taking proactive steps to monitor for and mitigate IT security risks is essential. SIEM solutions benefit enterprises in a variety of ways and have become a significant component in streamlining security workflows. Some of the benefits include:

Advanced real-time threat recognition
SIEM active monitoring solutions across your entire infrastructure significantly reduces the lead time required to identify and react to potential network threats and vulnerabilities, helping to strengthen security posture as the organization scales.

Regulatory compliance auditing
SIEM solutions enable centralized compliance auditing and reporting across an entire business infrastructure. Advanced automation streamlines the collection and analysis of system logs and security events to reduce internal resource utilization while meeting strict compliance reporting standards.

AI-driven automation
Today’s next-gen SIEM solutions integrate with powerful Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities, saving time and resources for IT teams as they manage business security. Using deep machine learning that automatically adapts to network behavior, these solutions can handle complex threat identification and incident response protocols in significantly less time than physical teams.

Improved organizational efficiency
Because of the improved visibility of IT environments that it provides, SIEM can be an essential driver of improving interdepartmental efficiencies. With a single, unified view of system data and integrated SOAR, teams can communicate and collaborate efficiently when responding to perceived events and security incidents.

Detecting Advanced and Unknown Threats
Considering how quickly the cybersecurity landscape changes, organizations need to be able to rely on solutions that can detect and respond to both known and unknown security threats. Using integrated threat intelligence feeds and AI technology, SIEM solutions can successfully mitigate against modern-day security breaches such as:

  • Insider threats – Security vulnerabilities or attacks that originate from individuals with authorized access to company networks and digital assets. These attacks could be the result of compromised credentials.
  • Phishing attacks – Social engineering attacks masquerading as trusted entities, often used to steal user data, login credentials, financial information, or other sensitive business information.
  • SQL Injections – Malicious code executed via a compromised webpage or application designed to bypass security measures and add, modify, or delete records in an SQL database.
  • DDoS Attacks – A Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack designed to bombard networks and systems with unmanageable levels of traffic, degrading performance of websites and servers until they are unusable.
  • Data exfiltration – Data theft or extrusion is commonly achieved by taking advantage of common or easy-to-crack passwords on network assets, or through the use of an Advanced Persistent Threat, or APT.

Conducting Forensic Investigations
SIEM solutions are ideal for conducting digital forensic investigations once a security incident occurs. SIEM solutions allow organizations to efficiently collect and analyze log data from all of their digital assets in one place. This gives them the ability to recreate past incidents or analyze new ones to investigate suspicious activity and implement more effective security processes.

Assessing and Reporting on Compliance
Compliance auditing and reporting is both a necessary and challenging task for many organizations. SIEM solutions dramatically reduce the resource expenditures required to manage this process by providing real-time audits and on-demand reporting of regulatory compliance whenever needed.

Monitoring Users and Applications
With the rise in popularity of remote workforces, SaaS applications and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, organizations need the level of visibility necessary to mitigate network risks from outside the traditional network perimeter. SIEM solutions track all network activity across all users, devices, and applications, significantly improving transparency across the entire infrastructure and detecting threats regardless of where digital assets and services are being accessed.


Event management

“Every event begins with a story” is Rafanelli Events’ motto. With their collaborative approach, they leverage deep insight into their clients’ desires to create signature events that tell a story. As experts in turning dreams into reality, they also help in strengthening and expanding their clients’ brands, bringing unique inspiration in everything they do. See profile


Garnish Event Management

Garnish is one of the leading event management companies in the USA. It offers services for corporate organizations, ensuring continued growth. They understand that events can be crucial to success, and offer a full range of services from site selection, through onsite support to event survey management. See profile

To compile the list, we devised a custom evaluation methodology based on a multifactor analysis. Our assessment focused on aspects such as customer satisfaction, expertise, experience, and creativity. We also explored the types of services they offer and whether they focus on working with organizations of a specific size or niche.


Before the actual evaluation, we classify the event management firms, verifying if they specialize in a certain niche. Many of them excel at corporate meetings or conference planning, while others shine in social events and parties.

We also check if they work with businesses of a certain size. As with the business niche, some agencies prefer catering to small to medium-sized businesses or individuals, while others plan events exclusively for enterprises and big corporations.


In an attempt to get a piece of the pie, almost anyone that has organized a friend’s party tends to call themselves an event manager. Our job is to weed out these and put together a list of the best industry professionals with the experience to back their claims. To establish a company’s experience, we look at its portfolio and assess the following:

How Well Does the Event Tell the Client’s Story?

Your event attendees need to feel your story in every element of the event. This means that the prospective event management firm should understand your brand, along with your goals and expectations to tell your story with the event they organize.

What Was Unique About the Event?

A successful event is a memorable event. And for an event to be memorable, it needs to be unique. That’s the next thing we look for when assessing an agency’s projects. How unique are they? How does that uniqueness align with the client’s brand and goals?

Do the Events Look Appealing?

Every successful event management company has a variety of photos and videos to showcase its portfolio. It’s important that the events look appealing because the visual stimulus is usually what determines the “feel” of the event. If your event is appealing, chances are it will positively influence your brand authority.

Did Attendees Get What They Needed?

Finally, we check whether the agency managed to successfully address the needs of the attendees. For example, we take note of how well the agency personalized the experience, whether they streamlined the check-in process, the event guide, networking rooms (if needed), etc.

Certifications & Accolades

We also consider any certifications that the event management agency has acquired over the years. They signify that the outfit knows the ins and outs of event planning and has the right experience. Some popular industry credentials are Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), and Digital Event Strategist (DES).


At this point, we have filtered the agencies based on their experience and client satisfaction. Those that have passed our initial evaluation stage are subjected to an in-depth examination that starts with assessing creativity. We evaluate that by considering their past work and reaching out to the event planner for an initial interview. The best event management agencies will have a creative team that generates ideas and is ready to bring the client’s vision to life. Creativity also helps with problem-solving which can influence the successful outcome of the event.

Client Satisfaction

While assessing the abovementioned points based on the past work of the event companies, there is also the other side — the clients. We look beyond the testimonials on the agency’s site, and check reviews on third-party directories, social media, and Google to verify their reputation.

Client reviews suggest whether the agency excels in particular areas, what problems (if any) the clients faced, whether the issues were resolved, and more. If needed, we reach out to clients and talk about what they liked or didn’t like when working with the specific agency, how satisfied they were, and whether they would recommend the outfit.

Project Management

Any top event management company would know the importance of having a project manager on board. This role is essential in the organization phase since the agency will need to take care of different tasks including negotiation with rental vendors, meeting prospective guest speakers, exploring entertainment options, organizing catering, selecting and booking a venue, etc. This is just for a single event so if the company handles multiple orders, we want to make sure they have the ability to multitask, and, if need be, to prioritize and focus on specific tasks.


TEC is called an award-winning communication agency widely known regarding its events. They also create a highly amazing experience which evokes emotions, makes things happen, and shapes opinions. They established its door in 2008. They have been positioning, launching, and elevating brands all across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.
They also create an outstanding experience which helps to strengthen the relationship between its clients and the people who matter it the most. Going with every project, they always believe in following the out-of-the-box ideas. They impart their clients with unique ideas that inspire and concepts its work. Every project is prepared to go with unique ideas that can truly inspire and concepts that work.
the-event-company.com [email protected] 971-4557-9114
The Event Company holds 26 years of experience in producing world-class events. The Event Production Company holds a multi-faceted business holding a global approach to the work that they do all across the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, this brand also creates awareness that makes a difference through extraordinary event experiences.
They put the best efforts to make you have an amazing experience. The Event Company is known as being go-to bespoke event management as well as planning agency. They will be your partner in fetching your events which do not only impress. Moreover, it would be your partner to fetch your events which only impress. These events will truly go with your marketing objectives. The event production company is indeed a leading event agency in the context of delivering exceptional experiences.
theeventcompany.com [email protected] 971-58132-6888


Emerald is a distinguished brand indeed. Here, you could have the best and cutting edge packages. The expert team is here to make it easier for you. It has won different types of awards until now. Emeralds come up with 12+ years of experience. It covers a huge area of 50000+ space. Moreover, it has done 863+ events in between 2015-2020.
This reputed platform has catered to 15+ countries all around the world. It was established in the UK and became one of the reputed companies quite quickly. The dedicated and experienced team is here to assist you in a great way. They keep creating amazing plans so that a range of corporate and marketing events could be created. They have accumulated huge experience in this field.
emeralddxb.com [email protected] 971-4589-7322
Plan3Media holds a huge experience. As of now, it has done almost 200+ corporate events along with being executed with finesse. Plan3Media is a reputed platform corporate event partner for distinguished brands in Dubai. The core service of this platform is event production, event marketing, event management, and so on.
This reputed company is regarded as one of the top event management companies. It has catered almost 500 events till now to 200+ clients such as Dubai Asset Management, Emaar, Dubai Properties, and so on. They have established an undisputed preference to conceptualise as well as do organize events in the UAE. This outstanding company covers a wide array of services including Event Production, Event Management and so on.
plan3media.com [email protected] 971-55952-0580

Business Process Management in Healthcare Organizations

Получаемые навыки: Communication, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Supply Chain and Logistics, Operational Analysis, Innovation, Business Process Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Psychology, Strategy and Operations, Business Analysis, Data Management, Business Research, Accounting, Business Design, Research and Design, Operations Management, Supply Chain Systems, Leadership and Management



Risk Management in Personal Finance

What is event management? ‎

Event management is the process of planning, preparing, and executing a successful event. Whether you’re managing a wedding or a corporate conference, you’ll call on a set of skills to ensure that the event goes off without any issues. As an event manager, you’ll be responsible for narrowing down venue choices, choosing vendors, auditioning entertainment, handling crises at the event, and making sure that the event meets all guidelines for health and safety. Being a successful event manager requires you to call on organizational skills, creativity, and patience to carry out an event that is memorable and effective. ‎

Why is it important to learn about event management? ‎

You can benefit from learning event management if you choose events as your career or if you’re using those skills in a different industry. Event management helps build your interpersonal skills and confidence, and you can learn to multitask when you study how to put on a successful event. Studying event management also gives you opportunities to develop strong customer service skills, as well as chances to learn how to prioritize various tasks. It can also show you how to sharpen your communication skills as you work with vendors, clients, and other employees. ‎

What are typical careers that use event management? ‎

When you learn the skills that make you a successful event manager, you can get a job with an events company, or you can start your own party planning firm. You can also add event planning to your list of skills in your current workplace, planning various events from annual meetings to birthday parties to retirement celebrations. Event management is also a terrific way to supplement your career with side gigs and assignments that can make you extra money in your spare time. ‎

How can online courses on Coursera help me learn event management? ‎

When you take online courses on Coursera, you can learn the skills that can help you to achieve success as an event manager by exploring the ins and outs of event management. You can learn from courses that explore how to get started in event management or find courses that help you discover how to improve your business communication and how to start your own company. ‎

Часто задаваемые вопросы предоставляются в ознакомительных целях. Учащимся рекомендуется дополнительно убедиться в том, что интересующие их курсы и другие материалы соответствуют их личным, профессиональным и финансовым потребностям.



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