List of Common Agricultural Items

A transplanter is used to transplant seedlings in the garden. They were invented in regions around Asia which include areas in Japan and Korea.

Plastic mulch layer is used to lay mulch that suppresses weeds and conserve water. It was invented in the mid-1950s by Emery .M. Emmert from the University of Kentucky.

A potato planer is also among the agricultural items that are used to plant potatoes either automatically or manually. Its origin traces back to Peru and regions of Bolivia.

Seed drills are sowing machines that position seeds in the holes and cover them. They were invented by Jethro Tull and again traced back to the Sumerians.

Chisel plough used in cultivation. It traces back to ancient England and Germany during the 1700s.It has been improved though over time.

Harrows are used on farms for smoothening and breaking soils. They were invented by the Babylonians and also are traced back to the 10th century to the Arabs.

Subsoilers are used for deep tillage, breaking of soil and loosening it. Their invention trace back to the USA in the 1950s.

A cultipacker is used in crushing dirt clods, press down stones and remove the air pockets from soils. It was invented in the 1920s by the English.

A roller can be used for breaking up large soils and also flattening land. It was developed in the 20th century in Colombo but earlier was noticed in some parts of France.

Stone pickers remove stones from soils and pick out debris. It was invented by Peter Anderson in the 1940s.

A tractor is amongst these items. It delivers high tractive effort power which can be used in agriculture activities. It originates back to the 19th century the age at which steam engines were invented, and John Dere made them better.

A hoe is one of the most common agricultural items. It serves the most basic of farm work which includes weeding, digging and cultivating (shaping of soil. It’s arguably the most valuable tool in a farm. It has a long handle and a flat blade which is fixed perpendicular to its end. Its origin is traced back to the time a hand stick was used for digging but due to arising complications resulted to its invention. It’s traced back to ancient times in Egypt and some area of California. It exists in various types depending on its use.

Irrigation pipes are also among agricultural items. They transport water through the farm. They trace back to the Romans during the time of ancient civilization from which they were improved over time.

Fertilizers ranging from various varieties are also among these items. They enhance plant growth. Fertilizers go back to the thousands of years ago when Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans and early Germans used manure and minerals to better crop growth.

Packaging bags and sacs are also essential when mentioning these items. They aid in the packaging of farm produce, and their origin is traced back to the U.SA in states like Texas.

Planters are used for sowing seeds on the farm. They were invented by John Dere in ancient times to help man during planting seasons.

A disc harrow cultivates land where crops are to be planted. They were discovered in the high plains of United States in the 20th century.

A tank tread is traced back to 1770 when they were first used and invented by Richard Edgeworth.Better inventions followed in the 1830s by Sir George Cayley.

A drag harrow will smoothen soil and loosen it. This together with the disc harrows was invented in the high plain of United States during the 20th century.

Cultivators are used in secondary tillage. The basic types were designed in 1912 by Arthur Clifford Howard in Australia.

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